2019 North East Regional Diving Grand Prix Leg 1

Sheffield Diving took a huge squad of 52 divers to the North East Regional Diving Grand Prix Leg 1 in Leeds over the weekend, for the first competitive event of the New Year.  The single day competition involved divers from the top elite echelon, junior elites and national age group levels; from age 10 to adult.  It was a tremendously successful day for Sheffield, with the team coming away with a total of 22 medals: 6 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze. The first event was the Men’s and Women’s Open Platform competition.  Tia McGarry took silver and Jenna Davison won bronze for Sheffield’s women, whilst the men took a clean sweep at the top, winning gold through Conrad Lewandowski, silver through Owen Harrison and bronze through Joseph Pashley. The next medals came in the Boy’s and Girl’s Group B Platform event.  For the girls, Amelia Scott took the top prize gold medal and in the boy’s competition Declan Rogan won gold and Nathaniel Greig took silver.  Rogan’s success was the story of the day for Sheffield, as it was his first competition following many months of recovery after suffering multiple fractures of his right leg in training last year.  Following this, Hannah Blake took bronze in the Girls Group C 3m springboard event. The second clean sweep of the medals came in the Girls Group E2/D 3m springboard competition.  Gold was won by Etta Dodsworth, silver by Lucy Maltby and bronze by Hannah Gowan.  Gold also went to Archie Biggin in the Boy’s event in the same age group. Further medals were won in the Men’s and Women’s Open 1m springboard events.  For the women, Yasmin Harper won silver and Evie Webb took bronze, whilst for the men silver went to Jordan Houlden and bronze was won by Jack Haslam. The day neared its close with a third clean sweep of the medals, in the Boy’s C 3m springboard competition.  Oscar Willcox won the gold, Lewis Neilson the silver and Theo Wellington took the bronze.  Finally, the bronze medal in the Girl’s A Platform event was well won by Charis Bell. It was a hugely successful event for Sheffield Diving, winning two-thirds of the available medals on the day.  All divers in the squad deserve recognition for their efforts, including Grace Ally, Maisie Bond, Sephora Ford, Jessica Vega, Harrison Case, Adam Charity, Harrison Hartley, Oliver Hoban, Isaac Trueman-Marsden, Millie-Rose Hartley, Daisy Fowler, Katie Garner, Sophie Lewis, Alice Prescott, Eleanor Turner, Sohie Mae Hancox, Jessica Ireland, Lola Mead,  Gabrielle Vickers, Chloe Strutt, Fern Hitchen, Richelle Houlden, Holly Prasanto, Frankie Curtis, Ross Haslam, Jack Burrows and Ned Curtis.