The City of Sheffield Diving Club is organised by a dedicated committee of parents and volunteers who are elected into posts at the annual general meeting held each year. Committee meetings are held at Ponds Forge Sports Centre every three months. Committee meeting dates will be published once confirmed. The 2018 committee membership is detailed below.

Jeff Pashley Chairperson moc.l1542660338oa@ye1542660338lhsap1542660338ffej1542660338
Nicki Garner Secretary moc.l1542660338iamg@15426603380791r1542660338enrag1542660338ikcit1542660338s1542660338
Tom Owens Head Coach ku.oc1542660338.gniv1542660338iddle1542660338iffeh1542660338sfoyt1542660338ic@sn1542660338ewo.m1542660338ot1542660338
Nigel Mills Assistant Coach ku.oc1542660338.gniv1542660338iddle1542660338iffeh1542660338sfoyt1542660338ic@sl1542660338lim.l1542660338egin1542660338
Sam Hydes Club Officer ku.oc1542660338.gniv1542660338iddle1542660338iffeh1542660338sfoyt1542660338ic@se1542660338dyh.m1542660338as1542660338
Michelle Aldred  Treasurer & Memberships moc.a1542660338idemn1542660338igriv1542660338@ileh1542660338sdnau1542660338ts1542660338
Lynne Bingle  Events Co-ordinator ku.ca1542660338.dlei1542660338ffehs1542660338@elgn1542660338ib.l1542660338
Nikki Smith  Competition Organiser ku.oc1542660338.gniv1542660338iddle1542660338iffeh1542660338sfoyt1542660338ic@ht1542660338ims.i1542660338kkin1542660338
Amanda Newton  Merchandise Officer ku.oc1542660338.gniv1542660338iddle1542660338iffeh1542660338sfoyt1542660338ic@ti1542660338k1542660338
Amanda Scott & Lyndsey Hancox Fundraising Officers moc.l1542660338oa@to1542660338phsul1542660338s1542660338 ku.oc1542660338.liam1542660338toh@t1542660338tocsa1542660338dram1542660338
Louise Gowan  Child Welfare Officer moc.o1542660338ohay@1542660338cdsoc1542660338.nawo1542660338gesiu1542660338ol1542660338
Rich Robinson Masters Representative  moc.l1542660338iamg@154266033848nos1542660338nibor1542660338.hcir1542660338

Want to get involved?

The club is always on the look out for volunteers, in particular help at competitions and with fundraising and social activities. If you would like to get involved please see here for information on the roles we are looking for assistance with – We Need Your Help!. If you have any questions please contact the Club Secretary or the appropriate committee member below.


For training matters please contact the Diving Manager Nikki Smith, Head Coach Tom Owens or Assistant Coach Nigel Mills. If you have any questions about the Sheffield Diving Club please use the following. For written correspondence, send to

Club Secretary,
City of Sheffield Diving Club,
Aquatics Office,
Ponds Forge International Sports Centre,
Sheaf Street,
S1 2BP